Ryan, Simon, and Sally on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

About Us


Sally and RyanA�love hiking and have traveled all over the world — Peru, Patagonia, Nepal — to explore nature and challenge themselves. Their adventurous spirit brought them to Kilimanjaro where they were instantly in awe of the snowcapped summitA�watching over endless grasslands. TheirA�goal isA�to share this joy of hiking and safaris, and the adventure and beauty of TanzaniaA�to others throughout the world.

They soon joined forces with 20 year KilimanjaroA�veteran Simon, a mountainA�expert who hasA�worked hard to excel from porter to assistant guide to chief guide. He has lead successful summits of many large and small groups and has assembled a highly skilled and respected mountain crew. During this time he has studied and learned Italian and Spanish, while also taking advanced courses in high altitude first aid. Simon’s love of the mountain is an integral part of his life: “I believe in high elevation: if you want to be high onA�life, you must climb high too!”

The company later expanded to add safaris, an exhilaratingA�experience to add after a climb or on its own. We’ve brought together the best team and are looking forward to executing yourA�once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Oh, and we’ve thrown in some uniqueA�technology optionsA�to vividly capture your journey for sharing with friends and family back homeA�cheeringA�you on!


Our Mission

Pathlighter Adventures is a specialist company offering high quality fantastic trips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and safari across the savannahs of northern Tanzania. We are mountain enthusiasts who love climbing, exploring and planning excursions.

We are a global company who books clients from all over the world. We want to ensure you get the very best experience, so we are involved throughout your whole trip: we use our own guides, equipment, food, and destination experts to help you achieve your ultimate Kilimanjaro experience.

Pathlighter Adventures strives to help each client meet his or her adventureA�goals.


Experienced Crew

Having the right crew behind you is critical to your success. They focus on operating climbs and servicing you, our clients. We have pulled together the best leaders on the mountain responsible for hundreds of successful summit attempts.

Our safari guides are experts on the African terrain, able to find the best spots to observe the Big 5 — lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, rhinoceros — in their natural environment, along with other wildlife straight out of National Geographic.


Organized Destination Experts

Behind our experienced crew on the ground is our global staff, highly knowledgeable about all the facets of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and organizing a customized, private safari across Tanzania’s national parks. We handle clients from all parts of the world, and can assist you with your plans to ascend Africa’s tallest peak and observe theA�largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world in the Serengeti plains.


Land Cruiser

High Quality Equipment

We use only the very best high altitude mountain tents to ensure you stay warm, dry, and comfortable on your climb. Our sleeping tents are designed to sleep three people, but we only putA�two in each tent to ensure there is plenty of space for you and your equipment. Our dining tents come with chairs and tables to eat our tasty food in style.

Our safari vehicles are comfortable and spacious, with an open roof – providing front-row access the numerous animals on your safari.


Routes and Food Customization

There are 6A�main climbing routes available, with numerous variations to these routes. Our expedition coordinators can help you choose what’s best for you. There are also many options when choosing safari accommodations, suitable to your budget and preferences.


Innovative Technology

Staying in touch with your loved ones at home is important. We have aA�Track Our AdventureA�blog, and weA�also feature complimentaryA�GoPro cameras and phone chargers! A local sim card with a data plan for your phone is an optional add-on (reception on the mountain is dependent on the trail you choose, and requires an unlocked phone).

An examples of our Track Our AdventureA�feature: a personal blog pageA�your family and friendsA�can check your status, view photo updates, and see your location on Google Maps!

Track Our Climb

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