The Lemosho Route is a relatively new variation on the traditional Shira Plateau Route. This route takes the western approach across the caldera of Shira Volcano, and traversesA�beneath the southern icefields of Kibo, Kilimanjaroa��s highest volcano. This is one of the most scenicA�routes, allowing plenty of time for acclimatization and stunning panoramic views.

  • Regarded as the best route to acclimatizeA�(high summit rate)
  • Joins Machame Route near the Lava Tower and descends via Mweka Route
  • Goes through cloud forest, Shira Plateau and Barranco wall
  • SometimesA�a wetter route but usually quieter
  • Can have many variations depending on preference:
    • Lemosho via Machame
    • Lemosho via School Hut
    • Lemosho via Western Breach
  • We recommend 7 or 8 days for the hike but could be shortened to 6 days (however that option is not as good for acclimatization)

Lemosho route, Kilimanjaro

Below is a sample itinerary for a 7 day Lemosho trek. As describedA�above there are many ways to summit and we can help you design the best route to maximize your ability to safely acclimate to the altitude of Kilimanjaro. Please contact our booking specialists to learn more!


Londorossi Gate to Forest Camp

Distance: 3 mi

After breakfast, your guide will meet you at your hotel in Arusha. The morning begins with a drive to Londorossi Gate (6900 ft), where we complete park entry forms and then drive to the trailhead. Your journey heads fromA�Lemosho Glades (7838 ft) through winding forest trails toA�Forest Camp, sometimes called MTI Mkubwa-Big Tree Camp (9137 ft)


Forest Camp to Shira One

Distance: 4.9 mi

We continue from Forest Camp (9137 ft) through the forest and then into a savannah of tall grasses and lush rolling hills, reaching Shira Ridge. You will see some greatA�views of Mt. Meru before dropping gently down into Shira One Campsite (11496 ft). Here you will get your first view of Kibo from across the plateau.


Shira One to Shira Two

Distance: 4.3 mi

The journey continues from the Shira One Campsite (12595 ft), with a fairly easy walkA�east across the Shira Plateau, a short climb up to Shira Cathedral (more nice views!), and finally to Shira Two/Shira Huts (12779 ft).


Shira Two to Barranco Huts

Distance: 6.3 mi

Today we trek from Shira Two/Shira Huts (12779 ft) toward Lava Tower (15180 ft), withA�a nice descent down to Barranco Huts (13077 ft) to rest and camp for the night. While it is a long day, the ascent in the morning is very gradual and there are some amazing views as you look down over the clouds.

–An alternative route on day 4 is to go toward Lava Tower and fork off to the Western Breach.


Barranco Huts to Barafu Huts

Distance: 5.3 mi

After breakfast we leave Barranco Huts (13077 ft) and continue up Barranco Wall and head to the Karanga Valley (13235 ft) campsite. We continue up to Barafu Huts (15295 ft), where we make camp and prepare for the summit day.

–On day 5, anA�alternativeA�route is to have a shorter day and camp atA�Karanga Valley. This is usually done on the 8 day Lemosho route.


Barafu Huts to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Huts

Distance: 3 mi ascent, 7.2 mi descent

We wake up very early in the morning (midnight to 2am) and continue from Barafu Huts (15295ft) with our headlamps on and stars overhead toward the summit via Stella Point. At Stella Point you will see a fantastic sunrise! It is a further one hour to the summit, where you reach Uhuru Peak (19341ft) – the highest point on Africa. We’ll continue our trek down to Barafu for lunch and then to Mweka Huts (10190ft) to make camp, enjoy a well-deserved dinner and sleep.

–A day 6A�alternative route, if you have an extra day, is to campA�at School Hut.


Mweka Huts to Mweka Gate

Distance: 5.7 mi

After breakfast, we continue down fromA�Mweka Huts (10190 ft) to the Mweka Gate (5358 ft) to sign the log books and receive your summit certificates. You will then be picked up and driven back to your hotel in Arusha.

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