Mount Meru

Only 15 kilometers from Arusha National Park, Mount Meru is the perfect pre-climb trekA�as a way to prepare for acclimatization to Kilimanjaro, or simply to enjoy on its own.

  • Located 15km from Arusha National Park (about 1 hour drive from Arusha)
  • To take advantage of the acclimatization effect, one would need to first climb Mount Meru and immediately follow with Mount Kilimanjaro
  • The park provides a mandatory guide / armed park ranger to protect climbers from elephants and buffalo
  • The trail offers two main accommodation huts
  • Only one main route up to the summit (4562 m / 14967 ft) with two possible paths, taking one up and descending via the other (longer vs. more direct but steep)
  • En route option to visit Little Meru (3801 m / 12533 ft).A�A certificate of achievement will be issued for this as well
  • We recommend 4 days for the hike as it is easier on the body and allows 1 extra day to come down. The trek could be completed in 3 days depending on preference


Below is a sample itinerary for a 4 dayA�trek on Mount Meru. Contact our booking specialists today to learn more!


Momela Gate to Miriakamba Huts

Distance: 8.6 mi

The morning begins with a drive to Momela Gate (5240 ft). Your journey heads to Miriakamba Huts (8212 ft)


Miriakamba Huts to Saddle Huts

Distance: 3.8 mi

Miriakamba Huts (8212 ft) to Saddle Huts (11680 ft) a�� can do an optional short hike to Little Meru (12533 ft) in the afternoon, about 45 mins up.


Saddle Huts to Summit to Miriakamba Huts

Distance: 3.4 mi ascent

Saddle Huts (11680 ft) to Summit (14980 ft/). Followed by descent to Miriakamba Huts (8212 ft) via Saddle Huts.


Miriakamba Huts to Momela Gate

Distance: 4 mi

Miriakamba Huts (8212 ft) to Momela Gate (5240 ft).

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